Monday, 31 August 2015

A tale of two signal boxes ... and the loss of another friend

Sad news to start again, I'm afraid, in that since my last post word has reached me of the death of David Sellars. Again, I didn't know him as well as other members of the group but David was the first person I met when I went along to one of the Group's sessions at Keighley and instantly made me feel welcome.

Unfortunately, we didn't see much of him over the last couple of years and I last bumped into him about a year ago at Halifax show where we had a good old chinwag.

What I didn't know about was his life outside modelling. The limit of my knowledge was that he was a book binder by trade but he was a very fine craftsman indeed, creating bindings for the Booker Prize winners and the William Hill Sports Book of the Year.

For more about David and his work, please see

RIP David.

Modelling time has again been limited due to work commitments, but there has been some progress on Coniston signal box (which now has a roof) and I've made a start on the box for Lightcliffe having put together the window frames for the front wall.

Hopefully get a bit more done today and tomorrow before it's back to work on Wednesday.

Coniston Signal Box - front
Coniston Signal Box - rear
Coniston Signal Box - northern end
Coniston Signal Box - southern end
Lightcliffe Signal Box (courtesy L&Y Society)
Window frames for the frontage - Evergreen strip assembled on glass with Lemonene


  1. That's beautiful work...quite boggles the mind to think it is 2mm!

  2. Thanks Iain. I must admit that I find it easier to hide the mistakes with 2mm, provided they're not too obvious that is - but the camera's always very cruel. I've dabbled in other scales but there's just something about the look of things in 2mm - the painting of the bigger picture as it were, where say a slightly wonky chimney on a building that's one of a group can add a bit of character rather than detracting from a more closely observed scene that you get with the larger scales.