Wednesday 6 March 2013

March Meeting

The March 2013 meeting will be on Saturday March 9th 2013 at Keighley MRC from 2pm.

The topics for this meeting are -
  • Completion of bus bar wiring on the main boards
  • Planning of fiddle yards
  • Preparation for KMRC 2013 Open Weekend on March 16th/17th.
As well as that, group members and visitors can try out their locos and stock on our 2mm finescale test circuit. Tea, Coffee and biscuits are available too!

At the February meeting, we were testing out the 2mm circuit on the Keighley Test Track prior to this month's open weekend with a couple of recent conversions and works in progress...

Firstly is Sam Kennion's 'conversion' of a Dapol Terrier - an original use of some wagon wheelsets that actually worked...

Secondly is D2383, my old faithful grubby Class 03 Diesel Shunter, giving a bit of re-fettled trackwork a bit of a test...