Tuesday 10 September 2013

September Meeting

The September 2013 meeting will be on Saturday September 14th 2013 at Keighley MRC from 2pm.

We'll be continuing work on the following -
  • Laying of newcurved track at the Bradford end with straight track to interface with fiddle yards. 
  • Installation of single slip for Brookes sidings and operating mechanism for single slip.
This weekend we will also be moving the layout into storage elsewhere in the clubroom in preparation for the 7mm Open Day at KMRC which takes place on October 13th.
Work will also soon be starting on the scenic aspects of the layout, particularly the form of the landscape and the situation of the principal buildings.

As well as that, group members and visitors can try out their locos and stock on our 2mm finescale test circuit, and as it is the club open day all of KMRC's other layouts will also be in operation.

Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be available too!