Tuesday 29 July 2014

Lightcliffe Station Buildings - Part 3 - Anybody know a good decorator?

Well, almost a year after starting work, construction of the main station building for Lightcliffe is almost complete ... just some steps to add to the rear access and then it's out with the paintbrushes.

Photographs of the rear of the building remain elusive, so I've had to rely heavily on the plans for the 1909 alterations. These aren't quite 'as built' but given that the building isn't there any more they're probably as good as we're going to get (cue somebody producing detailed photos of the rear of the building!).

The main parts of the model won't be joined together until after they've been painted and glazed, but I've assembled them to check for fit and thought I'd take a few pictures to show progress.

So, without further ado ...