Monday 2 May 2016

Putting labels on boxes ... and Coal Tank progress

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the Group meeting on Saturday ... life getting in the way of modelling again ... but I did manage to find time over the weekend to put the finishing touches to my model of Lightcliffe signal box and also (about five years after starting it) to the 'box for my own layout based on Coniston.


The one outstanding issue with the Lightcliffe box is the rear - I've yet to see a photo that shows it and it's questionable if there were any windows in it, but there is one photo of the toilet end where there appears to be a window showing through the end window (as below).

Discussions with Neil Moxham have left the question unanswered for now (Neil's of the view that the photo show a reflection) but hopefully there might be a photo out there somewhere (a view across the park perhaps) that might solve the mystery.

There's also the question of the height of the box in that it was built on an embankment but again, in the absence of a photo it's difficult to know how far down it went.

Next job building wise will be either the gents on the Halifax bound platform (for which Chris Arthur has produced some drawings) or to tackle the footbridge. A plan of the Brook's building is still proving elusive though I have now got a decent drawing of the site as well as a lead at Calderdale archives which I must follow up.

Most of my modelling time recently though has been taken up in trying to put together the etches that I commissioned from London Road Models for the LNWR Coal Tank.

As things stand, I've managed to put most of the body together and have got the chassis assembled to the point where the motor's in place, wired up and working but there things have stalled slightly whilst I work out how to do the rear truck. Build threads can be found at both RM Web ( and Western Thunder ( but I've just realised that I've never actually got round to posting any photos on here, an oversight which I shall now remedy!

Thanks in particular to Nigel Hunt and Steve Dunkeyson for helping me get as far as I have and to Chris Higgs for the work he's doing on producing a 2mm specific chassis etehc.

In addition, I'd also like to thank John Redrup at LRM for all his help in getting the project off the ground and to everybody who ordered a set of etches - over 50 sold to date and looking forward to seeing some of them up and running. I've still got a few left though so if there's anybody that still wants one then please let me know.

Until next time!