Wednesday 11 December 2013

On my workbench...

I've been at work on a few projects of my own - firstly is a recently converted Class 14 (Swindon Type 1) loco, here at work on my test track shuffling a few coal wagons -

The wheels were turned down to 2FS standards by the association wheel turning service, with replacement etched nickel-silver coupling rods and a reasonable amount of cussing from getting the wheel quartering correct!

The loco is working on my test track - 'Vienna Road Sidings', though this name is likely to change...

New buffer beams are to be added, also from the same etch. The current arrangement using the buffer beams supplied by Farish (as on the picture) is a temporary one. When that's done the buffer beams, wheels and con rods will all be repainted and toned down.

Also in the works are various wagons and a J94 tank engine which will become 68012, one of those used on the Cromford and High Peak. This picture of them was taken at the AGM...

This is a photo of D2383, a Class 03 which is a long-running saga precipitated by my misting up the original glazing after forgetting to mask it whilst spraying it with matt varnish. Since this picture was taken it has been re-glazed and 're-touched' a tad.

Again, this is another loco that worked on the Cromford and High Peak. I've not come up with a decent excuse for the class 14 yet apart from that I like them!

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