Thursday 8 May 2014

May 2014 Meeting and the Single Slip Saga

This month we'll be having our meeting on the SUNDAY (11th) as it's also Keighley MRC's open day - and our main activity for the day, apart from showing off progress on Lightcliffe, will be to wire up the single slip for the Brookes Ltd. sidings.

Yes, the single slip is now installed, complete with some operating units which will allow the slip to be operated manually at first, moving to electric operation in the future.

This is the single slip placed in position to ensure we've got it the right way round...

At this point we also made sure that the operating units were in the right place, as next we went and glued it down -

...and, weighed down by various heavy things that was where we left it ready to continue working on Sunday.

For full details of the open day see


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