Sunday 8 June 2014

Further progress on Lightcliffe Station buildings

Work has been manic since Christmas, with negotiations for a new station at Kirkstall Forge only recently concluded, so modelling time has been at a premium and I haven't been able to make the last few group meetings ... but I have managed to make some progress on the main station buildings and the shell is almost complete and ready for painting.

Next job is to place the building on the layout next weekend and start looking at ground and platform levels.

The signs are proving more troublesome than I'd hoped and for now I've abandoned the idea of using 1mm brass lettering as I couldn't get a result that I was happy with. I've resorted to producing them on my computer - the ones on the left are early efforts which are passable (though hard to photograph clearly) but I'm much happier with the ones on the right - just got to go back and do the smaller ones again.

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