Tuesday 16 September 2014

More scenic developments

Following on from David's post yesterday, here's a few photos taken at the meeting on Saturday showing some of the scenic work which is currently afoot.
Firstly, Alan Pollock has built the bridge at the Halifax end of the layout -

This will form part of a group of bridges at the Halifax end over both the main lines and the entrance to Brookes Ltd.

Another photo of David's station building in place, looking up the line towards Bradford -

Some work on checking the clearances of the footbridge also took place, in advance of etches of the footbridge itself being produced by Bob Jones - this is Chris Arthur's 3F Tank and a Stanier Coach being used to check the clearances -

At the end of this month we'll be making a field visit to Lightcliffe to check over what remains there, particularly the bridges. Much of the area has been built upon since the 1930s and Brookes is no more but the visit should be useful.

Also, the layout may be moving elsewhere in the KMRC clubroom, however this is all in the early stages and at our next meeting on Saturday October 11th we'll be discussing this together with fiddle yard plans as well as more scenery work and finising off the linkage for the single slip!

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