Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

One of my New Year Resolutions is to be more focused with my modelling - I let myself get far too easily distracted by other projects.

So, 2015 is principally going to be about two things - progress on the group's layout of Lightcliffe and my own attempts at recreating a small part of the Furness Railway in 2mm.

As regards the latter, there's nothing really to show at the moment. I've got some etches for a Sharp Stewart 4-4-0 that I'm itching to build but I need to improve my loco building skills first so I've started putting together a replacement chassis for the Farish J94 and this is as far as I've got.

The chassis runs freely enough, but the back to backs need adjusting - had them ok before I quartered the wheels but must have moved one or mores of the wheels when I was doing the quartering.

As for Lightcliffe, the main station buildings are almost finished and I've also made a start on the up platform. Chimney pots need to be made (there's nothing quite suitable in any of the available ranges) and signs have to be affixed and then I think we're almost there. Unfortunately, the blanks for the signs that I built into the walls got broken off during the build so I've had to reopen the slots for the signs and will have to touch up the walls once I've fitted the signs (hence the white mark above the waiting room doors).

Other modelling resolutions include getting along to more Group meetings this year, and posting here more regularly!

Happy New Year and Happy Modelling to one and all.


David V.

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