Sunday 8 November 2015

Adding some colour to proceedings

A busy day with paints (Vallejo Model Colour acrylics) and powders (PanPastel) and Lightcliffe signal box now has a bit of colour in its cheeks.

Next job is to add the glazing to the windows.

Also discovered today that Andrew Stadden has now started producing some of his Victorian/Edwardian figures in 2mm scale -

Have ordered a couple of packs and will report back on them when they arrive - look very nice on the photos and if they're anything like Andrew's larger scale figures, they'll be just the job for my Coniston layout ... the signal box for which is also in the paintshop at the moment but isn't very photogenic.


  1. Looking very nice indeed. It has a very fetching subtlety due to the restrained use of colour, beautifully done. I haven't tried these Vallejo colours, will have to get me some.

  2. Thank you Ian. Vallejo acrylics are good, but the subtlety I'd put down to the Pan Pastels - lovely range of colours and highly recommended. Very easy to darken and lighten tones with them.