Monday 11 April 2016

The Single Slip Saga... Part III at last!

Now that Lightcliffe is installed at the new Aire Valley RMC premises, we can start work again - and first on the list is my old adversary the Single Slip that is at the Bradford end of Brookes Sidings.

This is the layout, all set up and with enough of the covers pulled back for me to do my work -


The last times I mentioned the single slip I was going on about the operating units - finally I've been able to link them to some sliding DPDT switches which, for the time being are being used to operate the points.

This is how it looks now -

The connecting rods are made from a combination of brass rod and tube, with bosses made from bits of 'chocolate block' connect sawn in half holding it all together. This may be superseded by a more permanent arrangement where the component parts are soldered together, but I prefer for now to have the option to adjust the length of the operating bars.
This is a view from a slightly different angle - 

This shows the DPDT switches under the roadway that will go along the back of the layout.

That was the easy bit - as testing the mechnical side of it shows that my operaing units and rods work well. Next time, when I'm down for an extra PAG meeting on Saturday 30th, I'll be starting on the hard bit - the wiring!

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